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Desktop Punch Bag – Relieve Stress In Seconds

Desktop Punch Bag sticks to any surface and is durable enough to throw punches at.

Get rid of stress fast with this desktop punching bag. We make it from rugged materials, so our punching bag can withstand repeated hits and blows without going flat or losing its shape. The base is well-suited for rough terrain and a suction cup securely locks the bag in place to most hard surfaces. You’ll have hours of stress-relieving fun with this desktop punching bag!

Take a mental break and knock out your frustrations.

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Why you need a Desktop Punch Bag

IMMEDIATE STRESS RELIEF: Feeling stressed? Install our Desktop Punching Bag and relieve some of that tension. It’s conveniently sitting on your desk, just a few inches away! You don’t need to hit that “Enter” key too hard or go to the gym when something happens and you need to release some stress.

IMPROVE EVERYONE’S MOOD: Have a stress-free day with this Desktop Punching Ball. Not only will it make you feel better, but you’ll also be helping your coworkers and family by providing them with something to punch when they stop by your desk. It’s fun way to spend time during your break and have a stress-free environment throughout the office! Plus, for your colleagues and family, this is a great bonding activity!

PERFECT GIFT IDEA: The Desktop Punch Bag makes for a fun addition to an office breakroom. It’s great for people of all ages and genders, giving everyone a chance to relieve some of their stress. It’s also a great toy in the home for kids and adults alike or as gifts for coworkers.

EASY INSTALLATION: The stress buster is very easy to install and comes with an air pump to inflate it. This means you don’t have to do much work yourself, and it also has a suction cup base that easily sticks to any flat surface so no screws or hardware are needed.

DURABLE: When you want to release some stress and get in a quick workout, there’s no better way than using our Desktop Punch Bags. Our durable punching balls are spring-padded and made of quality materials to take all your punches, so you’ll be able to hit it with as much force as possible. The punching ball also has a soft material that won’t need a pair of boxing gloves, so you can use the flats of your hands for maximum power on every punch.

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Happy Customers

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Never thought it would make a difference but it does. Teenage son mood has improved, though if you live in flat you can hear the punches to the bag but worth it

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Super easy to set up, comes with it’s own air pump, and the suction cup on the bottom is outstanding. I also love the fact that it’s a great size

ffdsfdsfsdf - Desktop Punch Bag


Best purchase i ever made! I have high stress at my job and instead of bottling it in i hit the crap out of this thing and release. Honestly makes me feel better

sadsadsadsad - Desktop Punch Bag


I got this for my boss and he LOVED it! He practically tore it out of the box and was laughing the whole time while punching it

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This punching ball is specially designed to relieve stress and anxiety and it will have you feeling better than ever. Sitting at a desk all day, with only coffee for company, can really take its toll on your mental well-being. Releasing pent-up frustrations on this punching ball will give you the energy to keep going when you’re dead beat.

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